ERGIO Business Model

ERGIO is a B2B company, which means that we work exclusively with other legal entities. Our specialty is to offer efficient and complete solutions with a ROI in short to mid time, thus giving our partners the opportunity to focus on developing their business.

We permanently consider the optimization of products in a way to offer our partners not only a quality construction but also a profitable business. We believe in long-term partnerships and that is why we decided not to enter the final customers market. By this decision we want to show our commitment to our partners by avoiding unfair direct competition.

Strategy – Sustainable and profitable growth

ERGIO’s strategy is based on three pillars: growth / development, sustainability and profitability, but all this does not only limit only the company but extends to our entire network of distributors and partners.

We are aware that we are in an interconnected economy and that the development of the company also means the development of our partners’ business.

Sustainability is a concept that underlies the operational process of ERGIO but starts from the certified raw material and leads to the final projects of our partners.

When we talk about profitability in ERGIO, we do not only think about the profitability of the company but also that of the partners because we believe in Win-Win type of business and we want long-term collaborations. That is why we are always looking for cost optimization solutions for our partners that will bring them more profit, which will ultimately benefit the entire ecosystem.

We believe that our responsibility to our partners transforms any business into partnerships.

Join our network of partners and let’s turn your projects into business cards.


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