Made of certified wood in sections of 200 mm, 150 mm, 100 mm or 60 mm (standard lumber thickness 45 mm), these are structurally designed panels that form walls both inside and outside. (atypical sizes are also available at the customer’s request). The wooden frame acts as a support and transmits vertical and horizontal loads on the foundations while the cladding acts as a solidification for the structure and bracing. Insulation and sealing materials help the final customer to achieve optimal thermal and acoustic performance that meets his/her needs and budget.

The houses built with the ERGIO Timber Frame System are highlighted by resistance, stability, a low own weight that thus diminishes the seismic impact, durability, and a high thermal comfort at a good value for money.

Ergio houses adapt to any type of terrain, even the narrowest or with low stability, and the size of the panels is adapted according to the place of delivery, the terrain, the storage space and the possibility of safe handling.

10 of the advantages of the ERGIO Timber Frame system include:

  1. Design at the highest level of precision and quality
  2. Promotes greater efficiency and integration of the supply chain with a wide range of insulation, sealing and finishing materials in order to meet and far exceed current requirements in accordance with construction regulations.
  3. Significantly simplifies construction on site thus reducing installation time and cost by up to 70% compared to a classic construction and 25% compared to competitors
  4. Brings greater predictability and control in the construction process and reduces storage space on construction sites by reducing losses by 15%
  5. It behaves well in terms of fire resistance and extraordinarily good in earthquake situations
  6. Improves the health and safety of buildings
  7. Minimize defects and bring high customer satisfaction
  8. It is by far the greenest way to build
  9. It offers the possibility to build without thermal bridges
  10. The possibility of a constructive system customized to the project and the budget, which allows architects freedom of expression in unique and futuristic forms

ERGIO Timber Frame Exterior

ERGIO Timber Frame Interior

ERGIO Timber Frame Floor

ERGIO Timber Frame Roof

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