At ERGIO we invest daily in both technology and staff. With the help of technology and staff, we can ensure our partners that every part of the project we develop together is at the highest quality standards.

The mix between qualified personnel and the technology used is an ERGIO label.


ERGIO uses an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to ensure compliance with deadlines and quality requirements of delivered products. The program ensures both precision in the execution of the parts and guarantees the shipment of complete products. ERGIO’s ERP uses Raspberry PI devices to track the factory’s production process by collecting important KPIs from the company’s operational processes. With the Drupal backend, the software is able to measure the production and the costs associated with each product, taking into account well-selected KPIs.

Wood Dryer

Our factory works constantly to maintain high standards. That is why we pay great attention from the beginning of the manufacturing process by properly drying the raw material. We use a NARDI dryer for the drying process, thus reducing the moisture content of the wood before processing it. Drying conditions vary depending on the type of wood that is dry and the destination of the final product, so the temperature is adjusted according to these specifications. The appropriate humidity of the wood used in construction guarantees the quality of our products.


CNCs (SCHMIDLER) are used for high manufacturing accuracy and are controlled by external computers that handle all operations. These machines offer a 99% precision margin and are equipped with rotating heads in four axes, which allow angular cutting on all surfaces.

Quality control

ERGIO uses KPIs and modules integrated into the manufacturing process to verify and control each work point. Each part is controlled both automatically and manually for manufacturing defects and with the help of ERP for quantity control.


As a software design, ERGIO has two CADWORK. Cadwork is the world leader in software and 3D CAD / CAM solutions for wood, framing and carpentry.


Today, the future means technology, innovation and perseverance. The MobiOne automatic timber frame panel line has a pneumatic laser beam to align the pillars, formwork station, hammer clamp, running device, operator protection line, exhaust units and Butterfly butterfly table, which allows the production of long panels, up to 6 meters. These machines are accompanied by computers with touch screen monitors, so that operators can use them easily.


The SCHOLZ autoclave is used to treat products under pressure. At ERGIO there are two types of autoclave treatments. The treatment for increasing the sustainability of the wood that comes in direct contact with the soil and the fireproof one for the component elements of the wooden structures. The main advantage of products treated under pressure by autoclave, compared to other treated products is that, by using the autoclave the impregnation is done inside the wood, so the material is protected both inside and outside, which significantly increases the life of wooden elements as well as the resistance to external factors and microorganisms.

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